Sunday, 5 August 2012

Just bats

I recently mentioned that I'd found some bats in my office compound.  Here are a couple of photos.  Any thoughts on identification would be most welcome.  They look like small fruit bats.  I'd never have seen them had I not been looking closely for nests of Village Weavers - none found and the weavers seem only to have been roosting in the trees. Village Weaver colonies in palm trees in Juba are very active and noisy now.

Small fruit bats?

There was a modest birdy end to the day: Andrew and I had a sundowner by a channel of the Nile at the Star hotel, seeing African Harrier-hawk, Red-necked Falcon, Long-crested Eagle, Pied Kingfisher, Common Sandpiper, Bruce's Green Pigeon among others.  We also heard what was almost certainly a Lesser Swamp Warbler.  An Ethiopian wedding provided a joyful endnote to the day.


  1. Hi Mark

    These are epauletted fruit bats, Epomophorus spp. We would appreciate if you would share these observations on iNaturalist at .

    Cheers, Jakob

  2. Uuups, seems the link was not included, here it is: